Zen-Shiatsu & Pilates in Berlin / Mitte – Prenzlauer Berg

Qi-TimeAppointments and Information: carolates@gmail.com / +49 160-96620748

Caroline Decoster:

  • Shiatsu practitioner, fully qualified from Europäischen Institut für Shiatsu, Berlin
  • Certified Pilates Techer by Pilateslab (also prenatal and postnatal)
  • Professional dancer
  • I speak english, ich spreche Deutsch, je parle français, en ook nederlands!

    “Rootedness, malleability , establishment”

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Pilates is ideal for bringing your body in balance and to rediscover your own `centre´. Pilates strengthens the abyssal abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and stabilizes muscles of the spine. Whereby the posture improves permanently.


Shiatsu allows and supports us to re-establish and retain the free flow of our vital energy. Shiatsu is an invaluable help to support any kind of healing processes. Shiatsu is probably the most relaxing way to do something healthy for you body! You will find me at “Shiatsu Mitte” Gormannstr.12, 10119 Mitte.

During the “Fusion” private lessons we combine Pilates with Shiatsu. Inserting Shiatsu elements during Pilates lessons support a relaxing and energetic regeneration.