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„Shiatsu fördert das Wohlbefinden“ 

SHIATSU is a holistic body work and developed from more than 5,000 years old Far Eastern healing arts. It is therefore an excellent supplement to younger Western physiotherapy and body therapy. In shiatsu, pressure is applied along the meridian lines (energy pathways) as well as point and domain specific and thus used in all its various vital aspects. Shiatsu helps us to restore and maintain the free flow of our vital energy, thus providing valuable help in every healing process. By applying gentle pressure, stretching and rotation of the joints, tension and potential blockages in the flow of energy are released. The Shiatsu giver uses his palms, thumbs, elbows and knees and works with his own body weight out of the middle of the body (Hara, jap.).

Outside of Japan dominated by the Japanese Shizuto Masunaga founded so-called Zen Shiatsu. Masunaga, as part of his own style, expanded the classical meridian system and developed his own theories of the energetic structure of the human body. In contrast to acupuncture, in Zen Shiatsu the individual points do not play a very large role; the entire meridian (energy pathway) is treated. In Zen Shiatsu, we stay in constant physical contact and work from the middle of the body with two hands, one holding (resting) and the other working (researching). This treatment stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation system) and switches off the sympathetic nervous system (active nervous system), which explains the special relaxing effect of Zen-Shiatsu. 

SHIATSU is practiced on a mat or a special futon on the floor, fully clothed. In a short preliminary discussion, we clarify her personal concerns at the beginning. Then lie relaxed on the mat. About the Hara (belly, jap.) Findings, a snapshot of the different qualities of the meridians associated zones in the abdomen, I will be guided in the further treatment. It is treated with the hands (fingers and palms), but also with the elbows and knees. In addition to gentle rhythmic, more in-depth physical and energetic techniques, as well as stretching and rotation are used. At the end of the treatment you can still 5-10 min. resting. * Please bring comfortable clothes and warm socks.


  • in head, back or joint pain
  • To reduce stress
  • in exhaustion
  • after illnesses
  • for sleep or eating disorders
  • in mood swings
  • for menstrual or menopausal symptoms
  • during and after pregnancy
  • during life crises / burnout
  • to strengthen and develop your inner resources.
Shiatsu Dehnung


1 hour Shiatsu 


75 min Shiatsu 


30 min Shiatsu 


90 min Shiatsu


40 min Shiatsu

for children


30 min Shiatsu

for children


5er Karte Shiatsu (1 Stunde)


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Shiatsu during and after pregnancy


Shiatsu can be good at relieving pregnancy symptoms and promoting relaxation. By stimulating the responsible for the balance of tension and relaxation parasympathetic in shiatsu, among other things, well-being hormones are released, which affect not only the mother, but also on the baby. After the birth Shiatsu helps to regain his strength. Body and mind can adjust more easily to the new task. Upon request, the baby may be involved in any treatment of the mother.  

Shiatsu can create relief  

  • in head, back or joint pain
  • in exhaustion and fears
  • in sleep disorder
  • in mood swings
  • in case of nausea on the stomach
  • with feelings of disappointment in the abdominal and pelvic area
  • while breastfeeding 

Shiatsu in the workplace is particularly well suited to health care and fast recovery!

The office work promotes much brain work and allows little movement. Frequent consequences are back pain, tension, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and irritability! Already 30 min. Shiatsu can be enough to relax the body and clear the head. 


Since 2009, the state supports the Workplace Health Promotion, Each year, a company can deduct up to € 500 per employee for tax purposes. 

The benefits of shiatsu in the workplace 

* no arrival and waiting times

* only a short absence from work

* no undressing, no oil

* better concentration

* reduced health complaints 


I would be happy to work with you to develop a concept for your company!