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Caroline Decoster, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 

Meridian Arbeit mit Shiatsu

SHIATSU helps us to restore the free flow of our vitality and maintain it. It is therefore a valuable aid in any healing process. Shiatsu is probably the most relaxed way to do something healthy for your body! PRACTICE: Das Shiatsu Zimmer Dietrich-Bonhöffer Street 11, 10407 Berlin

Privat Unterricht

FUSION In the "Fusion" private lesson, we combine Pilates with Shiatsu. The inclusion of Shiatsu applications during the Pilates lesson supports a relaxing energetic regeneration. The exercises have a deeper aftereffect, creating a balance between tension and relaxation. The body consciousness unfolds in the movement as well as in the rest.

Die Mitte finden, mit Pilates

PILATES is ideal to balance the body and mind and to find your own "center". The Pilates training strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles and the stabilizing musculature of the spine, which permanently improves the posture.

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“Verwurzelung, Geschmeidigkeit, Aufrichtung”


Shiatsu practitioner, trained at the European Institute of Shiatsu (GSD Approved)

Berlin-Pilateslab certified Pilates trainer, (also pre- and postnatal)

stage dancer

I speak English, each parade Français, en ook Nederlands! 

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