"I'm happy to support people in their bodywork and body awareness."

Caroline Decoster

Caroline Decoster is from Belgium and is a professional dancer and certified Pilates teacher who has been working and living in Berlin since 2007. From 1993-1997 she studied Dance and Performance Arts in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. As part of various shows, she traveled through Europe and the USA. After 10 years in the professional dance world, Caroline becomes pregnant with her daughter in 2007 and moves to Berlin. In 2008 she completed a 10-month training course in the Pilateslab Berlin, Contents and emphases of the training are Pilates theory and practice, anatomy, posture analysis and the related physiotherapy. Highly pregnant with her son, Caroline trained in 2010 for Pilates / Yogilates during and after pregnancy. As the mother of two children, she works as a Pilates / Yogilates trainer in various studios in Berlin. (Pilateslab, Yoga at Arnimplatz, Volkshochschule Boddinstraße, Prenzlauer Allee, Schulstraße etc.) In 2014 she completes her Shiatsu training with a focus on the classical meridian system at the European Shiatsu Institute (ESI) in Berlin. Immediately afterwards she learns the extended meridian system to Masunaga. With in-depth seminars, it continues to develop. Already in her dance career she was enthusiastic about Shiatsu and noticed how the treatments supported her in her demanding job as a dancer. She also gets weekly treatment during her second pregnancy. On her own body she experiences the positive influence of Shiatsu treatments on the birth and well-being of mother and child. She works in the rooms of "The Shiatsu Room"  Dietrich-Bonhöffer Street 11, 10407 Berlin.



"In their practical lessons, it's not superficially about teaching Pilates exercises. Communicating certain basic principles that make the training health-oriented and special focuses on the individual abilities of each individual client and is the focus of attention. Her friendly, open nature gives you a pleasant atmosphere in which every client feels well cared for. I highly recommend Mrs. Decoster. "- Anja Kursawe, owner Pilateslab-Berlin

"Due to her professional and pedagogical skills, Ms. Decoster is very popular with her participants and contributes greatly to the quality of the course program in the" Health Education "program area." - Mr. Kerkhoff, Deputy. Director at Otto-Suhr-Volkshochschule

"I was a student for three years with Ms. Decoster when she built up the Pilates offering at VHS / Boddinstrasse with great success. She coached the students, both individually and as a group, with great precision and empathy, and imparted the teaching of Joseph Pilates in a vivid and pedagogically high-quality manner. At the same time she incorporated her background knowledge in classical ballet, which made every hour a physically demanding as well as an aesthetic and creative-playful experience. Particularly impressive for me was the combination of muscle strengthening and stretching and the gentle mobilization of the joints, which at the end of an hour was supplemented by a short application of acupressure. For me personally, your holistic teaching approach was far more effective and health-promoting than any form of physical therapy that I have not used for my scoliosis ever since. Thanks to her consistent work on me long-lasting complaints could be significantly alleviated or thoroughly cured and a holistic body image and feeling for the first time ever made. Her experience in acupressure has a calming, transformative and healing effect. In short, it was a great privilege to train with Ms. Decoster. "-Dr. Isabel Segler, Asian scholar

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